The only one-stop GMAT study system that lets you practice across all platforms--print, online, and mobile!

With the McGraw-Hill Education: GMAT 2016, Cross-Platform Edition you can take practice tests in print and on your computer, tablet, or smartphone--or all of the above!

The book covers the foundations of each essential concept covered on the exam, introduces proven test-taking strategies, and includes review exercises in each chapter to help you increase your confidence.

McGraw-Hill Education: GMAT 2016, Cross-Platform Edition includes:

    10 interactive practice GMATs: the 4 from the book and 6 additional tests
    Question-a-Day app provides regular opportunities for review
    Test Planner app helps you organize your time and design your own study schedules
    Answer keys with full explanations

About the Cross-Platform format:

The Cross-Platform format provides a fully comprehensive print, online, and mobile program:

    Entire instructional content available in print and digital form
    Personalized study plan and daily goals
    Powerful analytics to assess test readiness
    Flashcards, games, and social media for additional support


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