TOEFL Speaking Success is the most comprehensive guide to the speaking section of the TOEFL exam. This book is one of a kind. The layout, design and structure of the content is presented in a way that is both accessible and engaging. With over 200 pages of material, this book includes everything you need to know to improve your English speaking fluency. TOEFL Speaking Success is not limited to students preparing for the TOEFL exam. All English as a Second Language students can benefit from the vast amount of information found in this insightful publication. Reading is usually a passive experience, but TOEFL Speaking Success requires students to be actively engaged in the content. This is a fresh and exciting approach to a tired subject. Inside this book you’ll find: 

- Over 150 actual TOEFL speaking questions 
- An array of exercises that’ll target weakness and improve fluency 
- Each chapter includes a quiz and self-assessment 
- Fresh perspectives on test-taking strategies 
- Activities on mindset and effective study habits 
- Methods for improving overall English speaking fluency 

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