This newly revised and updated manual presents a test overview of the GRE, test-taking advice, and a timetable for a typical computer-based test. Added features include--

·  A diagnostic test with an answer key and answer explanations

·A verbal reasoning review with practice questions in sentence completion and reading comprehension

·  An analytical writing review with scoring guidelines and practice exercises

·  A quantitative reasoning review that includes general math strategies, discrete quantitative questions, quantitative comparison questions, and data interpretation questions

·  Two full-length model GRE tests with answer keys and answer explanations
The manual can be purchased alone, or with an optional CD-ROM that includes two additional full-length computer-based GREs with all questions answered and explained and automatic scoring

With purchase of either version of Barron's comprehensive GRE manual, test takers also get FREE access to Barron's Online GRE Course. When they go online with Barron's, they get:


·  A diagnostic test to establish their skill profile

·  A personalized GRE study plan to help focus time and energy

·  Expert video lessons with solutions to help them master difficult concepts

·  Additional practice quizzes and extra questions to help optimize their score

·  A comprehensive GRE skill report to monitor progress

·  GRE score projection

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